Accessibility issues at Uni

Unfortunately, there is no official collection point for accessibility issues at the University of Göttingen. Therefore, in fall 2021 we have started to collect information about existing issues ourselves. You can post new additions to the list and see the previous contributions here. Unfortunately, posting on the platform we use is not completely accessible either. Instead, you can always send us an email to vfsb[at] and we will add the post.

And what’s this list useful for?

As the Representatives for students with impairments, we try to work in many places to make the university more accessible. To do this, we need as good an overview as possible of the current situation in order to be able to point out concrete problems. We have regular contact with various status groups and can thus often point out issues that were previously unknown. We are also committed to ensuring that future plans (e.g. building projects, website design and study programme design) directly take accessibility into account, so that problems do not only become apparent afterwards and then have to (or would have to) be fixed. An overview of the current status helps us to illustrate this necessity. We are very happy to have your support in maintaining the list.