Here you will find upcoming events that we organise with the VfSB or that are particularly exciting for students with impairments and that we therefore want to promote.

21st October 2022

Two drawn hands can be seen against a background in which the pale logo of the VfSB. One hand is reaching out openly, the other is grasping it. The title "Peer-to-Peer Counselling" can be seen boldly at the top. Below it, smaller, is the date, Friday 21 October, then the drawing of the hands and at the bottom the time: 11 am to 1:30 pm.

11:00 until 13:30: Peer-to-Peer Councelling at the LSG 24-person meeting room. Would you like to know what to expect when studying with an impairment? Would you like to know what it’s like to apply for a compensation of disadvantages ? Or what exactly a compensation of disadvantages is? Are you looking for tips on how to find the best help for you at university? Then just come to our peer-to-peer counselling.

The picture shows white stairs with black handrails on the left. On the right, the VfSB logo is pale on the wall behind the stairs. In the open space next to the stairs, the words "Mission Impossible Göttingen" are written in thick black. Somewhat smaller underneath: "Campus tour on barriers and accessibility".

From 14:00: Mission Impossible Göttingen – Compustour on barriers and accessibility. Meeting in front of the SUB. Unfortunately, a barrier-free university is still a dream of the future. Together we will explore the university campus, discover accessible paths and discuss what still needs to happen so that everyone can learn without detours and hurdles.

28th October 2022

The image has a dark blue background. In the centre is a white fluorescent circle with the VfSB logo in it. Below it is written in large greenish-white letters "Online Game Night". Colourful fluorescent arrows point to the circle and the lettering.

From 18:00 onwards: Online Game Night. We meet online, talk and play whatever you feel like. Fancy a spontaneous round of Categories? Or maybe you’d prefer Pictionary? Gartic-Phone? No matter what you play, we look forward to seeing you! Just drop by. We meet here:


Meeting-ID: 973 6708 1679
Kenncode: 202035

7th November 2022

In the centre of the picture is the inscription "Get to know the VfSB" in dark grey and below it, smaller, in dark blue "7th November 18:00 pm" The writing is surrounded and slightly overlaps a dark yellow circle depicted as clearly painted with a brush. A light blue and dark rose circle a few washed out spots of colour and dark yellow garlands can be seen in the background.

From 18:00 onwards: Get-to-know meeting at the ZHG 1.140. Access possible through the elevators in the “blauer Turm”/blue tower. You want to know what the VfSB is all about and who is representing you? Do you want to know more about our work and maybe even help out? Or maybe you just want to get to know other students with impairments? Then our get-to-know meeting is the right place for you. We are already looking forward to meeting you.